Pain in the Bottom

Pain in the bottom is common in IBS. It is often a feeling like cramp, that is relieved by passing a motion.

But there are other causes of anal pain.

Haemorrhoids,  anal fissures and fistulae cause pain around the ring of the anus which is associated with bleeding.  The pain is a lot worse during defecation. The pain can be eased by local anesthetic ointments but if persistent, local surgical procedures may be necessary.  

Proctalgia Fugax is a severe spasm of the anus which lasts several seconds or minutes and then goes.  Attacks are infrequent, often precipitated by stress and associated with anal spasm.  Sometimes this condition can run in families.  It can be relieved by some antispasmodics.

Levator Ani Syndrome is often felt as a dull ache in the perineum, a dragging enervating sensation that tends to be worse on sitting or lying down and may last for days.  It tends to be more common in older women.  There is no specific treatment, through relaxation and psychological treatments can help.

Edna's Story

Listen to Edna's Story

Listen to Edna's Story

“If you have severe persistent anal pain,  associated with bleeding, you must be examined by your doctor.”   

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