TreatmentS for IBS

You can learn to manage the symptoms of IBS yourself by a combination of diet, stress management and drugs.

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Treating the Symptoms

  • There is no cure for IBS.

  • There is no single drug that effectively treats all the symptoms of IBS.

  • Some drugs may treat some symptoms but make others worse.

  • Most drugs to treat the symptoms of IBS can be bought over the counter at your local chemist.

But remember:

  • treatment of one symptom may make another worse.  For example, treatments for diarrhoea can cause constipation and make pain and bloating worse, treatment of constipation may cause bloating, pain and diarrhoea and some of the drugs used to relieve pain can cause constipation

  • people with the sensitive guts of IBS often experience side effects from drug treatments

  • the placebo effect is very powerful in IBS.  Drugs may may only act for as long as you believe in them

Try to find a medicine that suits you and relieves the symptom that bothers you most.

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