Part of The IBS Network’s mission is to campaign for better services and facilities for IBS. Below are two campaigns we are supporting.  But we can only succeed with your help, so help us to help you better by signing our petition and supporting our campaigns. 

Taste Testing -beyond the call of duty! Thursday 30th March 2017

To show our dedication, as if this was ever in question, our team, along with colleagues in other offices, tested a few Easter eggs that are on the supermarket shelves, (and have been since early January!).

Below are our findings, not scientific, but a clear winner has emerged which might help inform your decision when choosing for yourself or a loved one. 

We sent out our team to a selection of supermarkets. We did visit two Co-op stores but were unable to buy dairy, gluten-free eggs at either of the stores. The most we spent was £5. Seven of us took part in the testing. 

We scored out of five, five being the best score, on flavour, texture, appearance and packaging. The maximum score in each category was 35, with the total being 140.

If you have received one, and don’t agree with our test outcomes, just let us know.

IBS and Work Tuesday 8th November 2016

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a serious, long-term condition that can cause disability and disrupt both your social and working life. With around 10-20% of the UK population living with IBS, this represents a significant number who are affected in the workplace. It is estimated that Britain’s businesses lose almost £3 billion every year through sick days related to gut health.

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