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If you suffer with IBS, your gut may be sensitive to so many different foods at times that it is difficult to know what you can eat (For more information click to Diet in The IBS Self Care Programme) without suffering the torment of gut upset or needing to put yourself on a diet that is bland and boring?  

How can you make sure you are getting adequate nourishment from your diet? You can’t always rely on restaurants or ready meals unless you really study the ingredients.  Most chefs use lots of butter and cream, are generous with onion and garlic, and may use high fructose corn syrups. So if you want to be really sure of what you can eat, Click on the following images to find a series of simple, yet tasty recipes that are low in fat, low in FODMAPs, low in insoluble fibre and do not contain hot spice or other food substances known to upset a sensitive gut. 

Also, check out our page - So what else can I eat for basic information which can help you - click here 

Looking for inspiration?

Look at the recipes listed below and try out the ones that suit you. Try experimenting with new recipes. Remember you do not need to exclude any foods from your diet, but you do need to restrict those that you find upset you. And remember, the sensitive gut will not tolerate too much food. Eat to comfort and if this means that you can’t eat a lot at each meal, eat little and often.

You can download some of our recipes below and, obtain a regular supply of delicious recipes suitable for a sensitive gut.

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Here’s a great recipe to using basic store cupboard ingredients, and something to keep the kids occupied. Maybe use a Food technology lesson?



These pasties are great served hot, but can be left to cool a while to take with you on a picnic or for lunch.

Choose a filling that your IBS allows



This is a pudding that you can make just before Christmas and is made from ingredients that are gluten and wheat free plus Low FODMAP to ensure you have a symptom free Christmas.


The basics

Many people with IBS cannot tolerate garlic, but miss the flavour it gives, here is a great recipe where garlic can be used but won’t give you symptoms.



Need to make something to make for snacks while having all this time home this is the perfect recipe.



This is a spiced vegan pate a really nice way to start any dinner, or have it as snack.