Reducing Anxiety Preventing Panic


Ask yourself what you are afraid of?  Is it really that bad?  Often people are afraid of what other people think of them, or getting into trouble or looking foolish or being found out.  

Face up to your fear.  Acknowledge it.  Admitting your fear helps you discover what you are really afraid of and find ways of dealing with it.

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What is really going on?

Think, try to identify the cause of your fear.  
The impact of a previous trauma may be difficult to recall but your body can remember.  
Everyday anxiety often domesticates a much bigger insecurity.
Now listen to Susan’s story

Susan's Story

Susan's Story

Don’t give yourself a bad time

  • Ban ‘must’, ‘should’, ‘ought to’ and ‘have to’ from your vocabulary

  • Nobody’s perfect,  but be good enough

  • Accept your mistakes and learn from them

  • Say, tomorrow it will feel better

  • Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen?

  • Don’t worry about what might happen, live in the moment

  • Don’t agonise over decisions, often any decision is the right one

Be prepared

  • Spend half an hour every day relaxing

  • Don’t worry about what others might think.

We are our often own worst enemy

Here are a few tips we have found helpful.

  • Are you too busy, give yourself a break

  • Learn to delegate

  • Lighten up, nothing’s that serious!

  • Negotiate realistic deadlines

  • Don’t take on too much. Plan and prioritise

  • Don’t be scared to say no

  • Don’t put things off, make a start

  • Don’t keep checking, have confidence

  • Don’t take work home with you.

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