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Self-Care programme


  The Self-care programme includes;

  • What else it might be
  • How to manage your symptoms
  • What medications help?
  • How complementary therapies work
  • How to adjust your diet
  • How to manage stress and emotions
  • Design your own personal self-care programme
  • Track how your symptoms respond to change

Here at The IBS Network, we know how devastating and confusing IBS can be.  The letters and emails you send us, tell us how much you need reliable advice and information.

This is why we have created our fully comprehensive IBS Self-Care Programme, which provides you with comprehensive information about the nature, causes, and management of IBS.

Parts are available to everybody but for additional and more in-depth information, join The IBS Network.  

This gives you the information you will need to understand and manage your IBS in collaboration with your health care professionals.

“Following The IBS Network’s Self-Care Programme has given me the support I needed to manage my symptoms and the tools to help me live my life to the full again… Thank you.”


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