Diet and Life Style

Eating Well Video

Eat well 

The traditional dietary advice for treating constipation is to increase the amount of bulk or roughage in the diet.  This means:   

  • Increasing the amount of cereal fibre.    

  • Eating a bowl of oats with dried fruits (esp prunes and apricots) every morning.

  • Sprinkling linseed onto your cereal

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables.  Prunes and beetroot are particularly good at loosening the stool.  

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Sometimes  extra fruit and vegetable can make symptoms of pain and bloating worse.  Click on FODMAPs

Lead a Relaxed Life Style

Relaxation an Constipation Video

Click  on the video link to find out how you can change the way you lead your life to relax your mind and your bowels.

Don’t sit working in front of your computer all the time. Take a break every hour, get up walk around, chat to a friend.


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