It’s not what you eat

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It's the way that you eat it

It’s often not just what you eat, it’s the way that you eat it that affects how you and your bowels feel. If you are anxious, frustrated or on the go when you are digesting a meal, the emotions will tend to upset the gut and cause symptoms of IBS.

People who miss out on meals and then gorge themselves on high fat foods with lots of beer or wine are playing havoc with their irritable bowels. It is no wonder they complain.


Good digestion requires peace and relaxation.
  • Don’t rush your meals
  • Sit down
  • Give yourself time
  • Eat with your family and friends
  • Relax,talk, laugh
  • Enjoy your food 
  • Eat small tasty portions
  • Chew and savour your food
Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. Enjoy it.

Health tips

  • Make time for three meals a day.  Don’t skip meals

  • Don’t eat on the go.

  • Allow time to chew and savour your food.

  • Eat with your friends and your family.

  • Avoid arguments at meal times.

  • Take time to prepare a meal. Don’t rely on ready meals

  • Switch off that television and talk.

  • Don’t eat large meals late at night


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