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IBS is a illness of the whole person, not just the body, but the mind and how you feel about yourself. Therefore therapies that have a holistic approach, such as psychological therapies, touch therapies, nutritional and herbal therapies and homeopathy can be of great benefit to people with IBS. It is most likely the healing approach that counts.

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All complementary therapists should have received training from an accredited organisation. It is important to check this before undertaking a course of therapy.

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Disclaimer: The IBS Network only endorses those complementary therapies for which there is robust evidence of effectiveness for IBS. These would include psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Since many people with IBS obtain benefit from a range of other therapies, our policy is to provide impartial information on the nature, practice, evidence base and safety of these therapies. We would always recommend that you choose a therapist who is registered with a professional organisation and can provide safe treatment in conjunction with your doctor. Should you have any concerns we would advise you to speak with your GP before commencing any therapy.

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