Managing Anger

Anger is such a destructive emotion.

It generates a power surge of feeling that may well overload your system and cause an emotional explosion.  

  • Pause and think before doing anything
  • Understand what presses your buttons and why  
  • And if you can’t, develop strategies to deal with them.  

Techniques for dealing with anger…

The angry letter

Write a letter to the person concerned. Tell this person exactly what you think of him or her and let the anger flood out. When you’ve expressed your anger and calmed down, put it in the bin. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO POST THIS LETTER.

Physical release

If you feel the need to express your anger, then beat a cushion or your bed, repeatedly saying “I’m angry, I’m angry”. This is likely to produce the results you want.

Express your anger

Go somewhere quiet and shout out your anger. If you jog or walk, shout out, “I hate you” or whatever you are feeling, in time to each step. Feel your anger. Express it!


Hating people eats away at us and hurts us rather than the other person. By releasing your anger in private you may find you feel able to understand and forgive the other person.

Feel the fear

When you get angry, you may well be very frightened. Try to see behind your anger and do something about the fear.

Deal with your anger in private. The intention is to release your anger, not to hurt others.

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