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Aromatherapy uses essential oils which have been extracted from plants. The oils contain compounds said to have various healing properties.

Peppermint oils are said to help people with digestive problems. Rosemary is said to aid constipation. Certain types of oils may help with other symptoms of IBS. The oils are used to increase the well-being of the mind and the body and are absorbed both through the skin and by breathing in the vapours. Massage is an important part of the therapy because it is relaxing and eases physical and mental stress. Some oils can cause side effects. You should not use basil, hyssop, sage and thyme if you are pregnant. There are no laws in the United Kingdom about how much training an aromatherapist should have. European laws say that the only medical claims a therapist can make are that the therapy reduces stress.


Disclaimer: The IBS Network only endorses those complementary therapies for which there is robust evidence of effectiveness for IBS. These would include psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Since many people with IBS utilise these therapies, our policy is to provide impartial information on the nature, practice, evidence base and safety of these therapies. We would always recommend that you choose a competent and professional therapist who can provide safe treatment in conjunction with your conventional doctor. Should you have any concerns we would advise you to speak with your GP before commencing any therapy.

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