10% OFF Colomint during IBS Awareness Month
15th April 2021

10% OFF Colomint during IBS Awareness Month


Do you know the benefits of peppermint oil on your health and possibly your IBS symptoms?

Here are five health benefits of peppermint oil:

  • Improves energy and concentration
  • Smooths muscles in your digestive system
  • Improves nasal airflow and unblocks your sinuses
  • Antibacterial properties that provides fresh breath
  • Eases menstrual cramps by relaxing muscles

Head to @greenlivingpharma’s blog to read more about this amazing herb:

%10 OFF Colomint during IBS Awareness Month

To celebrate #IBSAwarenessmonth, Greenliving Pharma are offering our IBS network community 10% OFF on @greenlivingpharma’s Colomint.

Colomint capsules are enriched with the soothing and cooling properties of peppermint oil which helps to support healthy digestion. 

Head to our online shop to buy your Colomint: https://www.theibsnetwork.org/shop/food-drink

Offer ends Friday 30 April.

Use code: IBS2021 when you check out on Greenliving Pharma’s website.


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