a2 Milk - Exhibitor
14th April 2018

a2 Milk - Exhibitor


a2 Milk™ is naturally free from the A1 protein found in regular cows' milk so it’s gentle on sensitive tummies, easy to digest and less likely to trigger symptoms of milk intolerance.

Regular cows’ milk contains a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins. For many people the A1 protein can cause digestive problems. Because a2 Milk™ hand select cows that naturally produce only the easy to digest A2 protein in their milk and none of the A1 protein – many people can enjoy the benefits of cows’ milk again without the tummy troubles.



*a2 Milk is not suitable for cows’ milk protein allergy. If you have been medically diagnosed with any milk intolerance, seek advice from your doctor before use. 

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