With the current crisis it’s more important than ever to make sure we are looking after our mental health.

For people with IBS, stress and anxiety can trigger or exacerbate symptoms so please take time to relax, unwind and do something you enjoy.

Here are some ways to look after your mental health.

Talk about how you’re feeling

If you are struggling, it’s important to talk about how you are feeling. Talk to friends, family, work colleagues or, if you are a member, call our helpline. We know it’s a difficult time so please pick up the phone and get in touch. We’re here for you.

Think positively

We know it can be difficult, but staying positive and allowing space for positive thoughts is one of the best ways to look after your mental health. Take time to think about the good things in your life. Each day, list three things for which you are grateful.

Be more active

Getting outside for a walk, run or cycle ride can help you burn off any nervous energy. It’s also a great way to relax, appreciate nature and stay fit.

Manage the overwhelm

If you are feeling overwhelmed it may help to break tasks down into smaller stages. Instead of worrying about the things you haven’t done, reward yourself when you achieve the smaller goals.

Carve out time for yourself

Whatever you enjoy, whether it’s reading, playing an instrument or painting, schedule some time each day to do the things you enjoy.

Give yourself recognition

When you achieve something, take time to think about it and give yourself recognition. Praise yourself and be kind to yourself. We’re often quick to acknowledge what others have achieved, but slower to acknowledge our own success.

Take care of yourself

Eat well, manage your IBS well, and try to exercise regularly. Find a way to manage your stress, and incorporate it into your routine. Taking care of your appearance may help you feel better, more positive and in control.

Plan ahead

If you have something to do that you find stressful, it may help to plan ahead. Think about what will help you reduce the stress. If you need any IBS essentials with you, take a look in our online shop.

Life may be difficult at the moment but things will get better. Be kind to yourself. And if you need us, we’re here.