Take Control of your IBS this Summer Holiday Season

The summer holiday season is fast approaching and whether you are going abroad or staying in the UK, we’re here to help you feel more confident, comfortable and in control of your IBS. Planning a trip away can be a huge challenge when you live with IBS. The uncertainty of travel and the...

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Does your IBS hold you back from new adventures?

Planning a trip away when you have IBS can be a huge challenge, not to mention being very stressful. Here are our top travel tips to help you feel more confident and comfortable travelling this summer. Prepare in advance Most people would agree that they don’t look forward to...

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Managing IBS on the road

As part of musical theatre group, Collabro, Thomas Redgrave spends a lot of his time on the road. In this blog post, Thomas talks honestly about managing his IBS with travel and a hectic work schedule, and how sticking to non-trigger foods takes all his willpower. Being on the road with IBS...

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Self-Care Week Series: Travelling With IBS

As we looked at in our previous post, controlling stress is one of the main ways to manage IBS. While going on holiday is a treat, the change in routine coupled with new foods can be the perfect recipe for an IBS flare up. To talk more about travel, stress and IBS, lifestyle and travel blogger...

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IBS Travel Tips: Food Cards

Managing IBS can be challenging enough at home, so the excitement, stress, and change of routine associated with travelling can be the perfect ingredients for a flare up. One way to stay in control is to continue managing your food to avoid triggers. But what if you don't speak the...

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Sun, sea, sangria and IBS

Sun, sea, sangria…and IBS! Can alcohol cause my IBS to flare up? Summer is the season to have fun al fresco, venture further afield on holiday and relax in the garden with a refreshing drink or two with friends. Although, for many people with

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