Free one-to-one support from an IBS specialist

Are you struggling with your IBS? Do you want personal advice from an IBS trained healthcare professional? Join The IBS Network today and you’ll have access to our telephone helpline three evenings a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7pm to 9pm). Speak to one of our IBS trained nurses...

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How can Zenflore help you?

What is Zenflore and how can it help you? What is Zenflore? Zenflore are capsules designed to give support for your mind and body during busy and demanding times. What does Zenflore include? Zenflore includes the live 1714-Serenitas culture and...

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Why I trained to become a support group leader

Matthew Chaddock has been running The IBS Network support group in Leeds for more than six years. In this blog post Matt explains why he trained as a support group leader and shares his advice for anyone thinking of training. Why did you become a support group leader? I...

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Do you want to speak to a specialist healthcare professional about your IBS?

Are you struggling with your IBS and want to talk to a specialist healthcare professional? Members of The IBS Network have full access to our medical support helpline which is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. If you have a medical question or would like help...

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