Thinking of joining The IBS Network?

Would you like a tour of the membership site before you join?

If so, this video takes you behind the scenes of our self-care programme, one of the key membership benefits that has transformed how many of our members manage their IBS.

“Following The IBS Network’s Self-Care Programme has given me the support I needed to manage my symptoms and the tools to help me live my life to the full again… Thank you.”

The self-care programme takes you step by step through all aspects of your IBS. Work through the modules at your own pace and by the end of the programme, you will have created your own self-care plan.

IBS is an individual condition. There is no one treatment that works for everyone. It’s about understanding your IBS and finding out what works for you.

Self-care is key to living well with IBS.

As part of the self-care programme find out:

  • how to manage your symptoms;
  • what medications help;
  • how complementary therapies work;
  • how to adjust your diet;
  • and how to manage stress and emotions.

As well as designing your personal self-care plan, the programme helps you track how your symptoms respond to change.

As a member, you’ll also have access to our IBS telephone helpline, where you can speak one-to-one with an IBS nurse, and access to our online ask the experts service where you can put your questions to our IBS specialists.

On top of this, there’s a recipe library with recipes that have been tried and tested by IBS specialist dietitians. And lots of information, publications and resources.

Find out more about membership here.

Watch the Behind the Scenes of the self-care programme here.

If you are thinking of joining The IBS Network and would like to see the membership site before you join, then this video is for you.

We take you behind the scenes of our self-care programme,