What can I eat?

When it comes to IBS, the question we hear most is, ‘So, what can I eat?’ The answer, unfortunately, is not that simple. What works for one person, may not work for another. So, what can you do? Get a diagnosis IBS is a common disorder of the gut brain interaction...

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Top tips for good gut health

This week (16 to 22 September) is Love Your Gut Week which highlights the importance of good gut health and encourages people to talk about their own gut health.

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The Daily Rituals That Help My IBS

This week's guest post is from Jo Coates, who writes all about the challenges of living with IBS on her blog, She's written a piece specially for The IBS Network all about the little things she does on a daily basis to manage her...

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Self-Care Week Series: Trying Different Diets

Some of the most frequent questions we get here at The IBS Network are “What should I eat?”, “Can you send me a list of foods?”. Though they might seem like easy questions, unfortunately there’s not a simple answer. IBS varies so much from person to person that what might be a trigger...

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Low FODMAP on a budget

One factor I have noticed about this diet is the likely increase in food costs, it is not possible to get gluten/wheat free foods on prescription in the UK. Free from food is expensive, no-one will disagree, so how can we make the Low FODMAP diet cheaper to follow? Some of...

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