Are you struggling with IBS? Do you want to better understand your triggers and live well with the condition? The IBS Network’s 12-week wellness diary can help you. 

What is The IBS Network Wellness Diary?

The IBS Network’s Wellness Diary is an A5 diary designed to help people with IBS better understand their condition, symptoms and triggers. The 12-week diary helps you record what you are eating (food), how you are feeling (mood) and what’s happening in your life (events).

As well as taking you step-by-step through the 12-week wellness process, the diary includes meal planners, healthy reminders and tips, personal stories, recipes, information on mindfulness, thinking positive, exercise, top tips for cooking for a sensitive gut, travel, and managing IBS at work. It encourages and helps you to consider your challenges and ways to overcome them to live better with IBS.

How can the diary help you?

IBS is all about self-management. The diary encourages you to take control of your condition and think about how you can live well with your IBS. There is no cure or one treatment that works for everyone. It’s about understanding your IBS and finding out what works for you. The diary helps you to do this.

You can work through the diary and identify any patterns that might emerge.

Was something significant happening in your life when your symptoms were at their worst?

What foods appear to increase your symptoms?

Did you notice any situations which appear to increase your symptoms?

What were you doing differently when you were not experiencing any IBS symptoms?

When you’ve considered these questions you can plan for the future and how you can live better with your IBS.

I’ve tried to complete the diary before but didn’t do it for the recommended 12-weeks. What can I do?

We recommend you complete the full 12-weeks because this is an ideal period of time to gain a better understanding of your symptoms.

If you’ve tried before and didn’t get to the end, we recommend starting again. Don’t be afraid to try. Living with IBS is about taking action to help yourself.

Set 10 minutes aside every day to complete the diary or carry it with you and complete sections throughout the day. It’s a discreet A5 size so will easily fit into your bag.

Will the information help my GP/dietitian or other health professional?

The short answer is, yes. The diary will help you become more informed about your IBS which means that you are better informed when you are discussing your condition with your health professional. If any patterns have emerged, you will be able to discuss these with them.

How much is the diary?

The wellness diary is available for £7.25 including postage and packing. 

Where can I order my diary?

Place your order online here or call 0114 272 3253.

Is the diary available online?

If you prefer online support, members of our community have access to a Symptom Tracker that works in a similar way to the diary. Membership is available for £24 a year or £2 a month. For that, you’ll have access to our Self-Care Programme, telephone helpline, ask the experts, recipes, publications including factsheets and our quarterly members’ magazine, Gut Reaction.

I’ve completed the diary, what’s next?

The diary is a good starting point as you work to better manage and live better with IBS. We also recommend completing our self-care programme. This is an online programme which gives you information about the nature, causes and management of IBS.

It includes modules on: what else it might be; how to manage your symptoms; what medications help; how complementary therapies work; how to adjust your diet; how to manage stress and emotions; how to design your own personal self-care programme, and track how your symptoms respond to change.

Order your diary here.