Is writing a Will one of those things you keep meaning to get around to doing, but never do? We all know it is important to ensure we look after our loved ones when we have gone but starting the process can be a bit daunting.

That’s why we are working with the National Free Wills Network to provide you with a Will writing service that will enable you to get a simple Will written or updated for FREE.

A gift in your Will, no matter what size, could transform the lives of people with IBS for generations to come. It will bring an end to stigma, increase awareness and help people get the support they need to live well with IBS.

The National Free Wills Network consists of a growing number of solicitors, currently 837 solicitors, across the UK. You will be given a list of participating solicitors within a 15-mile radius of where you live. The National Free Wills Network conforms to regulations of The Law Society of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the Charity Commission and the Institute of Fundraising.

Will you help us to support people like Lara living with IBS?

Lara’s story

“I’d suffered with digestive problems since early childhood, but my IBS symptoms really started when I went to university and I was diagnosed with IBS a few years after that. IBS affects every part of my life and it’s a constant battle. Some days are easier than others, the smallest trigger can set me off and I cannot leave the house. My IBS is heavily linked to my anxiety and stress, so I have to make sure I remain as calm and relaxed as possible. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle. The key to coping is having good support and listening to your body. With the help of The IBS Network I know I am not alone and can ask for help and advice when I need it.”

Leaving a gift in your Will means that you will be leaving a lasting legacy, helping us make a long-term commitment to supporting those who feel isolated, alone and unable to cope living with their symptoms of IBS.

There are a few ways you can remember us in your Will. Your solicitor will advise you depending on what you decide. But ways include:

A residuary gift. You can choose to leave a percentage of your estate after all taxes and expenses have been paid. As little as 2% of your estate would make a lasting difference to those struggling with life because of their condition.

A pecuniary gift. You can leave a set sum of money which can be any amount you choose.

A specific gift. You can choose to leave an item of value, such as jewellery, a car, or perhaps stocks and shares.

If you have any questions about leaving a gift to The IBS Network or using the free Will service give our chief executive Alison Reid a call on 0114 272 3253 or email

Thanks for your support.