Have you ever felt so stressed and overwhelmed that it’s had a negative impact on your IBS?


Does your life feel so busy that you constantly feel pressured, overwhelmed, and unable to take time for yourself?


We understand. We know how hectic daily life has become. And we know what detrimental effect this can have on your IBS and your quality of life.


That’s why, this IBS Awareness Month, we’re raising awareness of stress and IBS, and looking at better ways to manage it.


You will already know what’s beneficial for you—identifying your triggers, getting enough sleep, taking regular exercise, connecting with family and friends—but when life gets busy, how good are you at prioritising the things that help you?


Taking time for yourself and making sure you are healthy is the foundation for tackling stress and anxiety and the management of IBS. As you know, there is no one treatment that works for IBS, so it’s all about self-management. This means understanding your IBS, identifying your triggers, and taking action to find out which treatments are effective for you.


It’s not an easy process. It takes time and continuous effort. And you can only do it successfully if you are in the right frame of mind.


If you are feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, we are inviting you to stop for a few moments, to take a breath and focus on yourself.


You don’t have to alter your schedule or find huge amounts of time.


Just take a moment.




Take a few long, deep breaths.


Be mindful of your breathing and of your environment. Make yourself a cup of peppermint tea and pay attention to the process.


Take time to notice. Check in with yourself.


How are you feeling? What do you notice?

Mindfulness is great for times when you are feeling stressed and anxious or when you’re over-thinking—worrying about the future or ruminating on the past.

And the wonderful thing about mindfulness is that you can easily include it in your day.

So take a moment. It could make all the difference.