Top 10 tips for living well with IBS

Entrants to the IBS Network’s Collabro Competition share their top tips for living well with IBS.
1. Be kind to yourself; try to get a work-life balance to help reduce stress and the stress-induced symptoms that can happen. 2. My tip for living well with IBS is...

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IBS and relationships

In this Valentine’s Day blog post, IBS member Lara Moon and her partner Dan talk about IBS and the impact it’s had on their relationship.

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Christmas survival guide for IBS sufferers

Christmas survival guide for IBS sufferers Avoid spending the festive season on the loo by taking on board some helpful advice from our healthcare advisers:

1.Plan ahead

Whether you’re eating in or out, going away or...

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The Daily Rituals That Help My IBS

This week's guest post is from Jo Coates, who writes all about the challenges of living with IBS on her blog, She's written a piece specially for The IBS Network all about the little things she does on a daily basis to manage her...

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What are the symptoms of IBS?

When people think of irritable bowel syndrome, they usually assume it only affects the bowel and stomach, but IBS can affect much more than just your gut. The really characteristic symptoms of IBS are abdominal pain and altered bowel habit. For some that might mean constipation, or IBS-C, while...

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It’s Almost Competition Time!

It's not just Christmas we're excited about at The IBS Network, our lovely Ambassador - Thomas Redgrave - has been kind enough to donate three tickets to the finale of Collabro's tour, The Road to the Albert Hall. With four top 20 albums and three...

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Self-Care Week Series: Learning to Love Food Again

When food can send you rushing to the toilet or cause griping abdominal pain, it can be easy to develop a negative relationship. Those with IBS often have to avoid certain triggers, so eating out or cooking can be tricky. But once you have a better understanding of your triggers and are...

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Self-Care Week Series: Managing Changing Symptoms

Once you’re a bit further on in your IBS journey, you might start to think you’ve cracked it. But sometimes, even your winning formula will fail and you’ll have a flare-up. For those who are used to being in control of their condition, these flare-ups and the uncertainty of what caused...

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Self-Care Week Series: Travelling With IBS

As we looked at in our previous post, controlling stress is one of the main ways to manage IBS. While going on holiday is a treat, the change in routine coupled with new foods can be the perfect recipe for an IBS flare up. To talk more about travel, stress and IBS, lifestyle and travel blogger...

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Self-Care Week Series: Managing Stress

While different foods and treatments may work differently depending on your IBS, the one thing everyone with IBS can do to minimise symptoms is to manage stress. The vagus nerve directly connects the gut and the brain. When you’re feeling stressed more messages from the gut reach the brain,...

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