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Promoting IBS Awareness Month in AprilThursday 23rd March 2017

Throughout April, The IBS Network the national charity that supports people living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, will be promoting IBS Awareness Month. By talking openly about this debilitating long-term condition, the charity aims to encourage more research, improve education and promote effective self-management for those with IBS. At any one time, the illness affects between 10-20% of the UK population, or approximately 12 million people and is believed to cost the NHS £200m annually.* 

Top Ten tips Thursday 6th April 2017

Tips to help relieve your IBS

As part of IBS Awareness Month this April, The IBS Network has put together tips on how to help relieve your symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

At any one time, it’s estimated that around 10-20% of the UK population will suffer from IBS, a condition that causes symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. The illness has no specific cause, no distinctive pathology and no single effective treatment. IBS symptoms can vary considerably from person to person and in the same person at different times. IBS should always be diagnosed by a qualified medical practitioner.

Asda Leading the way in recognising that not all disabilities are visible.Friday 12th August 2016

Alison Reid, Chief Executive Officer at The IBS Network

“We were delighted to see that Asda is leading the way in recognising that not all disabilities are visible. By introducing the new signs across their stores, customers will not question or cause embarrassment to people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and similar conditions, who need to use disabled toilets.   

Collabro’s Thomas Redgrave named Charity Ambassador Thursday 9th March 2017

The IBS Network, the national charity that helps people living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is delighted to announce that Thomas Redgrave from the world’s most successful music theatre group, Collabro, has been named as its Ambassador.

Through raising awareness and sharing his experiences of living with IBS, Thomas’ role as Ambassador is vital to champion the work of The IBS Network, by ensuring that those with this debilitating condition can receive the support they need.

IBS training opportunities for junior doctorsThursday 30th March 2017

During the weekend of 3-5 March 2017, I attended a very innovative British Society of Gastroenterology training event organised by one The IBS Network’s expert advisers, Dr Adam Farmer Honorary consultant Gastroenterologist.

The event, created specifically for trainee doctors with a special interest in improving support for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) patients, included guest speakers from all the major specialist IBS treatment centres in the UK. An excellent learning opportunity was created for all.

Lucinda Stone is raising money for The IBS Network Monday 10th April 2017

Lucinda Stone is taking part in the Lakeland 100. She lives with IBS and wants to raise funds and awareness for The IBS Network charity, please support her on her adventure.

New pound coin arrives today Tuesday 28th March 2017

From October 2017, your old pound coins will be obsolete. Don’t let them ponder in your purse, wait in your wallet, linger in your luggage, dawdle in your drawers, settle in your sofa, or wallow in your whisky bottle!

Why not do something worthwhile with them and donate to The IBS Network and help us support those living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

It’s simple to donate via our website, just go to:

Radio 5 Live Wednesday 26th October 2016

In case you missed it heres where we appeared on radio 5 live.

You can listen to the full radio interview discussing IBS here with:

The Knowing as Healing Monday 10th October 2016

Do you have irritable bowel syndrome?

Are you interested in ways of living well with this condition?

We are offering people with irritable bowel syndrome the opportunity to participate in our next cycle of storying workshops. This is part of the University of Sheffield’s Knowing as Healing project, a collaboration between the University and the IBS Network. The project is led by Vicky Grant, a Researcher-Librarian in the University and a Trustee here at the IBS Network, our national charity for people living with irritable bowel syndrome.

Training for Support Group LeadersSaturday 15th July 2017

Can you be a Support Group Leader?  If you are a health care professional with an interest in supporting people with IBS, or you are someone with IBS who wants to help others manage their condition, sign up to this one-day free Group Leader training course.     

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